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Welcome to Find 50 Cheltenham Horses 
- a racing quiz that separates the Festival connoisseurs’ from the rest.

For four days after the famous roar kicks off the 2019 Festival, there will be drama, excitement and hard fought winners but why should the trainers and jockeys have all the glory?

Now is your chance to place yourself in the hall of fame and be a legend in the racing world, can you decipher the clues of all 50 of our Cheltenham runners of past and present.



Step 1 - Click ‘Play Now’ to access the quiz.

Step 2 - Take a look at the image and rack your brains for any horse.

Step 3 - Click on the image when you think you’re onto something. Type in your guess in the box provided.

Step 4 - Hit submit.

Step 5 - If you're correct we'll let you know, otherwise try again.


Don’t forget to save your progress so you don’t lose all your hard graft!



No good at racing quizzes? No problem. You’ll find that if you’re good at wordplay, you’ll score high on this quiz. Horses’ names are often weird and wonderful so get your thinking caps on and you’ll go far…



If you’re really struggling, give Betfair a shout on Facebook or Twitter page and we’ll help you out with a clue. Yes a clue, not the answer! That’ll be too easy…

Remember, try not to share too many of your answers. When asking us for help, screenshot the dots of corrects scores and not the list!

There may be multiple answers surrounding one object so make sure you investigate the available areas as thoroughly as possible.

Alternatively, give the guys or girls a shout on your Whatsapp group. 15 heads are better than one.

Don’t forget to save your progress by creating an account. This means you can play your quiz wherever you are, from the paddock to the parade ring.

Expect answers to pop into your head while doing the strangest tasks. Washing up, cutting the grass, picking up the kids from school.

Betfair users must be 18+ Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.